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Civil Law

Spanish legislation is ever-changing and includes many interlinked regulations, which results in a complex implementation. As straightforward as the matter at hand may seem, we believe that before embarking on a new project or investment, it is advisable to consult with a local expert to ensure the client does not encounter any unexpected or undesired consequences.

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We specialise in obligations and contracts, claims for damages, inheritances and wills, leases, property conveyancing, commonhold property law, real estate law, family law, divorces, real estate development and construction law and claims for construction defects.

In this field, our philosophy is to solve your affairs with a minimum of fuss. We either tackle it ourselves directly or use our network to reach the most appropriate professionals, our priority is always about the best outcome for you.

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Company Law

Issues related to commercial legislation often have an impact on business success, either in the short or long term. It is important to have good advice, especially in Spain, where litigation usually lasts longer than a financial year.

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We specialise in business consulting, commercial contracts, quantity claims and incorporation and restructuring of companies.

We are practical. We treat your business as if it were our own. We strive for the best results for your projects and try to prevent your involvement in meaningless legal battles.

Administrative Law

Relations with the Public Administration are of the utmost importance and are not always easy. Especially if we take into account that the citizen may not be on an equal footing and, therefore, exercising their rights can become complicated.

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Resources on tax issues and urban planning advice are part of our frequent activity in this field, often in collaboration with other professionals.

Our goal is that your relationship with the Spanish Public Administration is exactly how it must be, no more and no less.

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«We put our knowledge and experience at your service, always with our maximum involvement.»


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About Us

Our mission

We strive to give our clients the peace of mind they seek through clear and effective advice.

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Our mission is to offer our clients an advisory service that helps them understand the details of the situation in which they find themselves from a legal point of view and, above all, the course of action they can take to achieve their objectives…

Be it civil, commercial, administrative or fiscal matters, our goal is to offer our clients precisely what they’re looking for: the peace of mind of being in expert hands, and that can only be given by someone who has earned their trust beforehand.

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Our History

O. EGUREN ASESORES is an office dedicated to legal advice since 1993 and, since then, specializes in the Civil, Commercial, Administrative and Fiscal fields.

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We are backed by extensive experience in the field of civil property law and corporate law. Also in the resolution of complex inheritance issues, sometimes involving several international jurisdictions, providing a practical approach to difficult probate issues and accommodating clients of many diverse nationalities.

We provide legal-tax advice and participate in planning and structuring projects for small businesses or family assets, focusing on optimization.

In addition, over the years we have formed a network of professional contacts, experts in the litigation, urban planning, and taxation fields, which, given the frequency and fluidity of the relationships we have with them, can hardly be considered external.

Even when an issue is taken care of by an expert within our network, from the onset, our philosophy has always been to follow our clients closely, so that we always have updated information on any process, problem or solution that affects those who initially placed their trust in us.

Global reach

Our firm is an independent member of XLNC, a global organization of international law, accounting and consulting firms, created to generate synergies for the benefit of the members’ clients, regardless of the location of their projects or interests.

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XLNC’s members are independent professionals and have been chosen following a criterion of excellence in the services each of them provides. Through this alliance we have access to experts with deep, high quality local knowledge in all major financial and commercial center worldwide and, also, to a broad international network that opens up markets globally for business opportunities.

For more information visit XLNC site at www.xlnc.org.


«We care about your peace of mind. We want you to enjoy your project in Spain.»



Oscar Eguren


Languages: English

Lucrecia G. Mata

Partner/Manager/Tax manager

Languages: English

Alicia Ortega


Languages: English

Nereida Ortega


Languages: English, French

Sebastián Gómez

Associated Lawyer

Languages: English, French

Victoria Eguren


Languages: English


Public Relations

Professional Opportunities

Do you think you could work with us?

O. Eguren Asesores is an office of expert professionals. Our goal is for our clients to fully trust our criteria.

Therefore, we are looking for experienced professionals committed to developing their professional career in one of the areas of Law in which we work.

In addition, our international projection forces us to opt for professionals with a very high level of English and, on some occasions, who also speak a third language.

Our team may be small, but our professionals are the greatest.

Do you still believe you can work with us?

Send your CV to opportunities@oeguren.es

«We will always strive to find bespoke solutions, with global resources.»


Where you can find us

O. EGUREN Abogados Asesores
Edificio Golden, Portal C, 2º E
29600 Marbella

Telf.: (+34) 952 86 67 27



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